Why Does Yung6ix Think He Is The ‘Most Successful Rapper In Nigeria’?

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Onome Onokohwomo, popularly known as Yung6ix, he is the ‘most successful’ Nigerian rapper of recent time.



The Delta native confidently made the statement, ‘Un-politically I’m the most successful rapper in recent times out of Nigeria #FactsOnly’ in a tweet on Sunday, August 14.

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While it’s quite unclear what the dreadlocks-rocking rapper’s interpretation of ‘success’ is, it is not new to see such bold and controversial statements from him.

The problem with Yung6ix isn’t a lack of talent. In fact, he is quite underrated for his sK!lls as a rapper. His 2014 debut album, 6ix O’Clock was decent, though it went largely unnoticed. Subsequent projects (singles and EP) haven’t been so bad either.

He however cuts a figure of a talented act whose ‘winning’ formula is based on controversy, having been frustrated by what he thinks is a disregard of him by the Nigerian audience that is supposed to like him solely for his music.

This makes him see the world like it owes him something, demanding that his dues be handed to him on a plate without necessarily paying his dues through hard work and sacrifice.

So he comes off as arrogant and as a result, his young, promising career has been blighted by his ego than an actual lack of ability.

Yung6ix’s confidence in his talent is commendable and in a parallel universe, it should be just enough to get him to the pinnacle of greatness.

But we don’t exist in a parallel universe, do we?

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