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Sports Betting Fever Grips Africa



Sports Betting Fever Grips Africa
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Sports Betting Fever Grips Africa

Which sports would you like to bet on? Most people who are into sports betting aren’t in it just for the love of the game – but because the returns are amazingly high. If you’re into sports betting, you would know that there are different sports open for betting.

Sports betting has gripped Africa today. With new betting companies coming in, Kenyans have a good many options to choose from, and can bet on all the sport they love – right from their home!

Today, you can bet online and without even picking up the phone. There are reliable websites available but many of these sites are specific to one of the sports. Horse racing sports betting for instance, is common among many Kenyans.

Not to forget is the emergence of online bookies that makes the entire process of placing bets and gambling whole lot easier. To bet on your favorite sport, look for a reliable website and understand the rules before starting out. Mybet casino games is one of them you can trust.

The sports that you can bet upon include everything from soccer, NBA, NFL, NHL, to even horseracing and golf. If you are looking to bet on these sports which will be the right choice for you?

From the point of a sports fan, you might want to go for the game that you understand better. The question though is, will betting in that sport be profitable for you or not.

Most Profitable Sports Betting

Here are few popular sports today that you can bet on and some interesting statistics.  

  1. 1. Racing

If it’s racing you’re talking about, you’ve people interested. The racing games can differ, from Formula One to Motorsport. If you are looking for most profitable sports, racing games is your best bet. Many games have seen a 500 percent increase in annualized growth rate.

Horse racing is by far the oldest and best sports to bet on. You can maximize your profits easily. Statistics show that it has seen a 114 percent of average annual growth with around £2,280 bank profit on an average. It is by far one of the highest.

  1. Football

The world’s most popular sport is not so far from the racing games. Football games are touching around 159 percent of annualized growth, and bank profit on an average has been around £4000. Though the betting changes from league to league and the type of football, you can learn the rules easily. Check out the football-betting site to know more about the rules. As many people love and watch this game, they understand the game; a reason the competition is going to be tough here.

  1. Rugby

Rugby is another sport that is popular among players who likes to bet. According to tipsters, rugby has seen a 120 percent of annualized growth and bank profit of £2,405. However, this depends from country to country on how the odds are calculated.

These are only three of a long list, but these three are the biggest sports when it comes to sports betting.

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