My own Part of the Miss Anambra Ponography story – Anusiobi Itfranklyn Writes



Miss Anambra Chidinma Cries Out - My BlackMailest Will Shoot Me If i Talk

My own Part of the Miss Anambra Ponography story – Anusiobi Itfranklyn Writes

Popular Nigeria Celebrity PR, Blogger, Media strategist & Creative Content writer Anusiobi itfranklyn has took to his Social Media page to share his own touching story about the Miss Anambra saga.

My own Part of the Miss Anambra Ponography story - Anusiobi Itfranklyn Writes

My name is itfranklyn, a young guy who loves minding his own business, but today I have decided to pour out my mind on this Miss Anambra issue that has gone viral. My Problem is not about what people say or write about her but my problem is “why must she be blamed this much?”.
Or do you think she is at a good state in this period? Do you know what she is passing through at this moment? Do you know that her life is at risk?

Did you ask yourself how her kids will be treated in the future? Did you also ask yourself what her parents are passing through at this particular time.

But yes! I know you didn’t ask yourself all these questions because you had already seen a reason to judge and criticize her, so you’re now be like you don’t care. Fine, it’s your choice, but did you know I once criticized her when she made that statement saying she was photoshoped in the so called leaked video and I also criticized her when she came out to say that her lawyer was on the case of the blackmail. I did all that because I felt the pain seeing my State
Ambassador lying to her fellow friends and fans on something that could have just been kept on a low key than rather be talked about.

But later I realize that criticizing this young girl would not solve the problem since we all know that her life is at stake now and she is no longer a free person, so I went back to her page to say Good words to her and let her to that I have truly forgiven her but getting to her page I discovered that I have been blocked and there is no other
means of me reaching her.

Her numbers were switched off all day this incident started, her close friends knew nothing about her at that moment, so I had to wait till the day she was asked to come speak at The NUJ Conference, organized by her lawyer and Political heads, which was the reason of my coming to Anambra State, not knowing that she would not turn up to make her statement as stated by her manager, like they will all say we all waited to see her and to hear her own side of the story, until a message was passed to us that she got a call from her blackmailers
“that if she talk they will shoot her”.

This is where got me annoyed, I asked myself if this girl is casting a stone of joke at us but I kept quite and think. I started meditating on this issue, laying down many questions and points and began to ask myself questions on how she got that call which she claimed to have received, since her phones had been switched off since the very first
day the video got leaked, then I thought to myself Chidinma cannot make such statement of strong words if its not through, she can’t just be using the State’s name for fun.

This made me start up a real research on her that led me to start asking questions like; Who are these blackmailers? Where are they from? Why has the organizers of this Beauty Pageant not said anything yet? Why didn’t Chidinma tell her parents about all this before it turned out to be worst? Why must that video have her PA in it? Who is the third girl in the video though they say it’s Jane? Why have Anambra State Government not looked into this? Is Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) behind all these as the rumours claim? What happened during her birthday and Model Mask Party as they said? Why will she hand over her crown on the 11th of October in Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) Office and they say she was not dethroned? Why was the video leaked after the car and crown were collected from her? Why are contestants who dropped from the pageant saying that the Organizers
where trying to use them as sex toys?

All these were what I was asking myself but no answer. Alright, let’s look at it this way; If what they were saying about the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) head is true, why hasn’t the State Government run a proper investigation? Why will they be waiting for the State Name to sink before something would be done? Why can’t they
offer Chidinma security so she can speak out to those who have condemned her? Why is the Government silent on issues like this? Why wouldn’t our mothers stand up to fight blackmail in the State? Why are
all our Pageant Queens silent on her? Why are those she called friends running away from her?

Chidinma okeke may be weak to fight this battle herself but we all can, let’s help make Pageant go back to the way it used to be in those years, let’s stand for her not because she got involved in a devilish act but because she has made it known to us that there is a blackmailer. Investigations should start from the Brand she represented because if she wasn’t Miss Anambra, nobody would’ve taken this serious, so please I urge everyone even her friends who ran away
because of the little lies she made about the video by calling it “Photoshopped” should please come back and support her, she is a humanbeing like us and not a slave.

If God could stand for us 24hours, why can’t we stand for her till the truth is out, I wouldn’t want to start up any hashtag but I will suggest we put an end to this and say “NO” to the illicit use of young ladies in Beauty Pageants. Please let’s get Chidinma her freedom.

God bless you as you fight this with her.

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42 thoughts on “My own Part of the Miss Anambra Ponography story – Anusiobi Itfranklyn Writes

  1. Rubbish… Who cares whats she’s passing tru… For every decision there is a price … So she should dance to d music she featured in .

      1. i bet u do stuffs like dat… she shuld have thought of her parents future nd all that b4 doin it not me tinkin or caring… if she was my sister ild disown her… if it was a sex tape wit a boy twuld hav been understandable .. infact why is she not arrested for lesbianism ..

  2. Bro plz stop talking trash… If d blackmailers could publish d video, then y would they wanna kill her? She ain’t got no excuses n this is a lesson 2 all yound n aspiring models out there who think they can get 2 d top by passing d easy way.

  3. All of your you throwing stones.. Which of you is without sin? Her mistake is going viral because she’s a celebrity. Most of you must have done worse than she did, but because nobody knows you that’s why its kept in the dark.
    I’m not saying she did a very wonderful thing, its still possible she was under an influence of something because I don’t see that young lady as some that will purposely indulge in such act and won’t to make it public knowing the consequences.. Let us not throw away the baby and the dirty water..

    1. She’s getting so much attention because she’s a celebrity and celebrity are role models, their actions are watched by the young aspiring girls and boys and they do have a massive influence on the life style of these kids. The public will forgive her eventually when they see that in all this happening she is a victim too. Chidinma made a series of mistake, first she made a sex video, then she lied about the authenticity of the video. When the video dropped she said it was photoshoped, people believed her and stood by her then they realised that she was lying and they felt betrayed so their criticism is understandable. As for saying she was drugged, that’s another LIE, she was sober in that video. I wish her well, I hope she learns her Lesson.

  4. Let he that is without sin cast the stone, she did wrong no doubt but we have done worst things to our creator yet he is always merciful, why don’t we be christlike n Support each other in time of tribulation. She needs GOD more than never before let’s show her Love,has we have been commanded. Just saying oooooo

  5. This your writer up na straight A1 yu get. Nawooo. English language is in real trouble. If this is how English is written without respect, no need to study it in school. So terrible someone has murdered English language. Kai

  6. It’s a pity that your write-up is filled with so many blunders that I couldn’t read to the end. I will advise that you go back to school. Learn your English language, then come back to make sensible statements.

  7. na because she never enter prison. according to the law of the land and the holy book. thats y people stull say bullshit in support of the stupid girl. she’s lucke it didnt happen in the north. by now una for don shut up. LEVETICUS 20 V 13. go read am.

  8. Itz simple she has made a mistake but let’s try to redeem her, as presh said bec she is a celebrity it is well known but I guess some of us have done more. I don’t knw what really happened during the competition but I will say there is a coma in every beauty pageant so plz girls beware. ALL THAT GILTER ARE NOT GOLD

  9. One thing I know every man with his flaws, it has happen,and she didn’t deserve to die because of it, we are here in naija watch many other peoples leak videos ,this is not new ,, famous or not , we all need repentance no one is perfect. chidinma get brain and move on with your life, and let anybody that’s not satisfy hang himself

  10. If you all should take a deep breath and think and think this over and over again.I guess we should understand that the deed has been done.I bet you,this is not the only vids they have,other ladies vids cud be lying low somewhere.what s he doing wt such vid if not for a ask yourself,y wud he blackmail her? u organize a peagantry to use and blackmail innocent girls? One could as why she gave in at first could have happened to anybody at anytime.temptations come and anybody could be a victim.I guess we shud see this in a positive point of view so as to liberate other innocent ladies that could fall victim tomorrow. Let this put an end to this and sanity her and hopefully she could have a major hand in saving someone tomorrow, prob your daughter, sister etc. and get old fools who should be taking care of their families but out there looking for who to devour

  11. Menh; @frankly u re a disgrace to BloggersNation…..
    In ur mind now u did a great job, in making up this piece of trash…..
    U even sponsored it on Facebook… Kia…..Abasi!!!!!
    And all of u supporting Miss Cucumber… Claiming for her she is a victim….who told u she is a victim….
    The girl in question has not accepted she did it…u dey say she be victim….
    Even if dey bring hhundred million dollars and tell her to do worst Dan wat she did in that video… She wil do it again and again…..
    Make ena all go sleep…
    And talk another story!!…

    How !much is dollar rate today???

  12. My brother you need same help that she needs, or may be you want to take your share of the cucumber, or you re looking for fame, y dont you go and make love to a man and lets hear your own side, bloody assssss like you

  13. Is because she’s
    Miss anambra dats y dis is exploding dis way,,,,u all are stone her,,,stone her,,,who among us have nt did d one Wooster Dan dis….we don’t take tins is dats our problems in Nigeria… Let’s hear Hw own part of story,,,remember der ar blackmailers

  14. No body holy pass… I see this as no issue. Even if she is guilty of the video thats not y we should be condemning her. Remember in the bible when wen a multitude wanted to stone a prostitute to death, Jesus said to them ” if u hands are clean, be the first person to stone her” all of them disappeared. So don’t judge people, God has the role to play. Tnx

  15. the guy is Nigeria,lesbian holds a 14yrs behind bars sentence but think of it,why isn’t she behind bars??
    there’s someone inside the organization behind it andd the 3rd person in d video was not a young girl but a lady I think in her late 30’s
    I for once never criticize her because I know what celebrity life holds because I know what being a celebrity brings…
    anyway I didn’t want to speak up but seeing what dis guy did urge me to speak up n for all of u who criticized him
    just imagine she was your sister n about the drugs,she might have been drugged because lately there’s a drug that’s being used which one lace with ur drink or anything…you won’t even remember what you did…
    I guess I have said enough
    together we can uncover the truth
    let’s stand as one n fight for injustice
    say No to injustice

  16. @Lordz. You’re condemning someone’s english? Take a look at yours. “Writer up” osheyy!

    @Presh only if ppl could think like you. But like always, they want to through stones when dy haven’t walked in the shoes of the victim.

    All y’all insulting the writer, i think you ought to know what’s called self-opinion.

  17. When I think about the way some Nigeria youth reason sometimes, I wonder if they have seen the 4 corners of primary school class room at all. So pathetic,many people in this country have no brain to think anymore. Others always think for them.In my opinion, I don’t believe Chidinma will indulge in such act with clear eye and sane brain and allowed herself to be captured on video camera when she knew very well,she is a public figure and the consequences(14yrs jail term and criticism from fans and enemies).I believe something is wrong somewhere that need to be properly investigated.Let them threaten her with death,the must come out very soon.I only blame her for allowing herself to be used from the beginning by men of the underworld in the name of winning “beautiful context”. May God save her from been destroy. I hope other young beautiful Ladies across Nigeria will learn from her mistakes.

  18. Itsfranklin, nice write-up but u r wrong in proclaiming our judgement wrong. All these hapnd cos of greed and quick fame. No one forced her to make that video and if u argue that then cool, she was forced cos she wanted to.

    Chidimma Okeke wanted to be known by the world and now she is.

  19. Conspiracy theory my ass! She has not even accepted that she is the one in the video, (which any half blind person can see its her) talk less of apologising to the millions of young girls she has let down. I feel sorry for her and i wish all these will just go away, Kim kardashian passed thru worse. But dont make stupid excuses for her. In fact your write up is so senseless and foolish that it even hurts her cause. Allow her to apologise b4 u jump on her case!

  20. No one is without sin.. Difference is that some are uncovered.. Chidinma, find strength to trace your steps to where you left Jesus . he is there with open arms longing for your embrace . silence your ears to words from humans.. It’s OK to fall but always find strength to stand tall again.. God’s grace is available to you

  21. I must be very stale, just getting wind of the cucumber wonder video. If this was the US that Miss Anambra would have rode her way into stardom and millions of dollars like Kim Kardashian. Unfortunately for her, she like every other Nigerian are just bloody hypocrites in public but inside our closets unthinkable monsters emerge from within us. We always have different things to trend with, we have moved from edible catering, the other room and now people can’t stop talking about “the cucumber” thumbs up to our lady of the cucumber. She should calm down, this trend will soon end, I am sure something fresh will soon emerge again to keep us talking and busy as usual. Some of you, if they release your own videos, the internet will burst patapata. At least her own Na cucumber, is it your cucumber? what of person wey dey use bamboo stick?

  22. Rubbish…. Mtscheew your mates are making money you here loosing sleep over someone else’s problem because you want cheap attention. What happened to her was greed, I had same and even more juicier offers and i turned it down. Sometimes we should be sensible and think about the future.

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