Koffi Shut Up And Leave Kissdaniel Alone – Anusiobi Itfranklyn Writes


Koffi Shut Up And Leave Kissdaniel Alone – Anusiobi Itfranklyn Writes

Ex Wizkid publicist / popular Nigerian celebrity digital media strategist Anusiobi Franklin popularly known as Itfranklyn or Ipubliciseafrica has come out in public to defend his friend / artist Kiss Daniel by giving Koffi a sound warning and reply, on his social media page the online Pr penned this.

My Friend Koffi let it be known to you that the reply you have been waiting for since September 14 2016 From Kissdaniel will never come, rather you will wait till you get tired and Fustrated, But Before that happens Let Me Give You a Piece of Advice. What exactly were you trying to achieve? Online publicity? If thats what you are looking for why don’t you think of how you will build Back your Career, You complained About things that Have no Point and You Expect people to clap for you, the same act you complained about you do worse, that is why Your Points will remain weak and Useless to the Public, why should you question an artist on why he should charge 3million Naira for a Show? During the times of His Hustle and songs Promotion your name was no where to be found, you never supported or helped him in attaining the level and status he currently has or do you think the Money spent In 2014 on one of his hit tracks “Woju” was Plucked from a tree, the Video shoot and Airplay back to back was never free. The Record deal, do you think it came easily? Do you think the label doesn’t wants to recovered all that was spent? If you sat down to consider all this, if you are aware that music is business especially when transacting with persons that have little or no contribution to the success of the art, you would sit down and focus on that career of yours so you can have the confidence to bill organisers.

You complained he has no collaboration to his name well I think you are out of your mind or probably stale and out of information. Were you not informed of the woju remix that had tiwa savage and davido hit the air ways. Kiss Daniel Has A choice of choosing what he wants on his album or songs, It is the artiste choice to have an A-lister, B-lister or C-lister on a track or album for reasons best known to him. Incase you don’t know Kiss Daniel has a song with Wizkid but was never release due to personal and managerial reasons, so don’t think the label doesnt have what it takes to get the best of arts working with Kiss.

You also complained that his manager is killing the brand and turning down major interviews, well let me correct you the Louiza Williams I know will never turn down any good means of publicity or interview that will benefit the artiste, if any press media complain of such that means at that point kissdaniel was busy or never in the country at that time to honour the appointment scheduled especially if its one worth going.

A kettle should not be calling a pot black, nobody is perfect so my advice for you Koffi is to keep quiet and focus on your career, We are in a small world, do not block your own path to success with your hands.

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– Anusiobi Itfranklyn

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