Towkio Ft SZA – Morning View


Towkio Ft SZA - Morning View ( Download Mp3 )

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Towkio Ft SZA - Morning View ( Download Mp3 )

Towkio Ft SZA – Morning View ( Download Mp3 )

Chicago rapper Towkio has gone where no rapper has ever gone before. Space. Yesterday, the rapper donned a WWW themed spacesuit and took a trip 100,000 feet into the air. If that’s not scary enough, the rapper was pretty much flying solo, confined to a claustrophobic looking spacecraft. Footage of the rapper’s flight can be seen below, including his triumphant return to solid ground. Describing the experience as “THE SCARIEST/ MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN [his] LIFE,” Towkio is quite literally on top of the world. While his extracurricular activities are no doubt extraordinary, his musical exploits are the focus here.

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