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Titus – After Hours



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Titus After Hours

New Jersey’s Titus paints a blurred scene at his very own “After Hours” party. Titus describes himself as the type of guy that finds his second and third wind after the crowd has dispersed. Titus hides out in a Chevy Tahoe, for as long as it takes to come down from his trip. He finds a woman lying on the couch that resembles the ‘Black Madonna.’ “Anything Goes” during extended hours.

“After Hours” is co-procuced by Myles William and Mister Neek. The single has all the makings of song ready for radio rotation, executing on all fronts the wavy production that is popular nowadays (see Nav or Khalid). What does that say about the broadcasted message of drug consumption? Not too much.

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The allusion is made possible by our preference to be thankless individuals, except in this case, Titus’ party is one phone call away from seeing the cops, and you are dead ass lying on the couch with your pockets emptied out. Make “After Hours” the precursor to your Uptown Saturday Night.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Anything goes at my after hours party
Bring me out the platinum
No i don’t do that Bacardi
I been rolling weed
I swear I ain’t slept in weeks
That’s my after hours party.

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