A-Reece – Loyal


A-Reece – Loyal Mp3 Download

A-Reece – Loyal Mp3 Download

Yeah, contemplatin’ on all my life choices/ think I got a gift of listening to all the right voices/ either the rich-man nurtures your talent or he exploits it/ unfortunately sometimes the latter cannot be avoided/ because what do you do when all you got is a dream, a vision, the perfect passion for it and you would do anything to build it/ shit just got the realest/ I can’t believe I’m in the middle of it/ all I got my work got my balls and thats on God once it’s finished/ now fck your contract nigga/ you should be afraid you tried to call back niga/ after seating down and showing me thise false ass figures/ you a foul-ass niga I should’ve seen you from the beggining and knew what happened you double-crossin’ ass niga/ these all facts nigga/ why the fck you pulling BenchMarq back/ where the fck do our awards stay at/ how come Amanda Black ain’t even seen her plaque/ what the fck is goin on yoh lemme know I need some answers/ Look at the fans dawg they madder/ shit doesn’t add up like how you subtract Y/ gettin’ monthly lay of less than 20k was never in our plans it don’t match up./ PR buying cars before artists with our racks it isn’t fair bra/ you cannot erase us/ this is what we made for/ it don’t matter how many people you pay to hate us/ the rest of them niggas are just dogs on a leash/ I was with them when they had a chance to starve or to eat/ complainin’ every week sayin the same shit when you speak/ now how is it that I’m this loyal because the young boy leavin’/ couldn’t waste my time on trying to define my reason/ until they realise that it’s all a lie and you’re greedy Areece will never die the slimes are all on my side I know you see them/ RAW shit this song is even unmixed and mastered/ Mash dropped the keys on the beat and said Fck the back ups.


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