Cassper Nyovest – Thuto (Album)

Cassper Nyovest – Thuto (Album) Zip Download

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Cassper Nyovest – Thuto (Album) Zip Download

Cassper Nyovest – Thuto (Album) Zip Download

The Long Awaited Cassper Nyovest Album Just Hit the street of Southafrica Several industry heavyweights contribute to the MTV Africa Music Award winner’s swaggering musical alchemy—including Black Thought (The Roots), Nadia Nakai and Tshego (Family Tree) and “Nafukwa” star Riky Rick.


1. Confused ft. Goapele – DOWNLOAD
2. I wasn’t Ready For You ft. Tshego – DOWNLOAD
3. As Karma Would Have It (Interlude By Riky Rick) – DOWNLOAD
4. Destiny ft. Goapele – DOWNLOAD
5. Superman ft. Tsepo Tshola – DOWNLOAD
6. Bentley Coupe – DOWNLOAD
7. Nyuku – DOWNLOAD
8. We Living Good ft. Tshego – DOWNLOAD
9. Top Floor (LifeWasNeverTheSame) – DOWNLOAD
10. Top Shayela ft. Nadia Nakai – DOWNLOAD
11. Tito Mboweni – DOWNLOAD
12. Touch The Sky – DOWNLOAD
13. Ngiyekeleni ft. Black Thought – DOWNLOAD
14. Push Through The Pain – DOWNLOAD
15. Baby Girl – DOWNLOAD
16. Amen Hallelujah – DOWNLOAD

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  • mikea maluleke says:

    ow this track named confused motivates man,as a young person I’m motivated. after listening to nyuku I went crazy man this 1 is my best “nyuku yaka ke nyuku yaka”. Top shayela wow I like the flow n the pace, I will sing this 1 the whole day. cassper was right Tito is the worst track on this album
    amen hallelujah just make feel so grateful bcoz we r having huge rappers who finally understand evangelic words, I like this track.. I enjoyed every minute of the tracks that I’ve mentioned above…shout out to my cassper, you never disappoint man

  • Masana Mabunda says:


  • obiajulu says:

    Tito mobeweni is my best song and the timing is 4minutes 1 second

  • dmus tha sting says:

    Favourite tracks from the album thuso are Tito mbkweni Top floor Amen hallelujah We living good

    these tracks has 15:51 minutes.

  • chinedu okeleke says:

    Cassper Nyovest feat. Gospel – 5:12
    Cassper Nyovest – I Wasn’t Ready For You – 4:20
    Cassper Nyovest – Bentley Coupe – 5:17
    Cassper Nyovest – We Living Good – 5:25

    Total of 20:14 minutes

  • Karabo says:

    1. Living good – 5 mins and 25 seconds
    2. Confused – 5 mins and 12 seconds
    3. Super man – 5 mins and 35 seconds
    4. Amen Hallelujah – 4 mins and 10 seconds

    Total = 20 mins and 22 seconds

  • Kidzenlifah says:

    Damn Casper got the game on fire,Tito Mboweni and Bentley Coupe got thee sauce

  • Kidzenlifah says:

    Someone gotta give Casper Nyovest some respect.he the king of SA hip hop

  • Banele says:

    15 min i’m still trying to listen the other songs… I only downloaded few songs as much as i enjoy listening to them i just want to say keep up the good work to Cassper Nyovest. The album is DOPE

  • junior says:

    I would like to participate in this competition I already downloaded the full album and I know how many minutes he has the problem I’m not a south African even nagerian this is to sad but I am African Mozambican but any way congratulations for the album is hot the last song amen hallelujah is my favorite start from now

  • Gino says:

    Touch The Sky
    Tito Mboweni

  • Katlego Pholoholo says:

    Nyuku-4:33…Destiny-6:42….Confused-5:13….Baby girl-4:21…

    Thuto ya fisa ngwana, bitsang stima-mollo kasi e gotetse.👐👊

  • simo says:

    Tito mboweni 4:01
    We living good 5:25
    I wasn’t ready for you 4:20
    Amen hallelujah 4:10
    confused 5:12

    Total : 23 min and 08 sec

  • Aura says:

    Cassper Nyovest ft tsepotshola_ Superman “5:39”
    Cassper Nyovest Ft. Goapele_Confused “5:12”
    Cassper Nyovest Ft. Nadia Nakai_Top Shayela “4:43”
    Cassper Nyovest Ft. Goapele_Destiny “6:38”

  • Comfort says:

    1.confused 5 12
    2.amen hallelujah 4 10
    3.super man 5 35
    4.i wasn’t ready for you 4 20

    Cass you never disappoint man,thanks for delivering good music

  • Sabelo Sibiya says:

    Top Shayela-4:43


  • Isaac says:

    4. Destiny ft. Goapele –6:39 5. Superman ft. Tsepo Tshola – 5:40 6. Bentley Coupe – 5:18 7. Nyuku 4:33 – 8. We Living Good ft. Tshego – 5:26 9. – 10. Top Shayela ft. Nadia Nakai-4:43

  • thapelo says:

    Living good – 5 mins and 25 seconds
    Amen Hallelujah – 4 mins and 10 seconds
    Confused – 5 mins and 12 seconds..
    . Super man – 5 mins and 35 seconds

    been a cassper fan from day one but I got to say this album tops it off bro previous ones were great this one is legendary. THUTO..

  • Tshangela Tumelo says:

    1 Confused (feat. Goapele) 5:14 min
    2. Wasn’t Ready For You (feat. Tshego) 4:24 min
    3 Destiny (feat. Goapele) 6:41 min
    4 Touch The Sky 4:08 min

    Total Minutes= 20:27 min

  • Menzy says:

    Destiny- 6:38
    Super man – 5:39
    I wasn’t ready for you- 4:29
    Confused – 5:12
    Top Shayela -4:43

  • Tsaku Joseph Sunday says:

    My favorite songs from Cassper Nyovest ‘Thuto Album’ and the minutes for every songs are;
    Cassper Nyovest Ft Tshego ‘We Living Good’ 05:25.
    Cassper Nyovest ‘Touch The Sky’ 04:06.
    Cassper Nyovest ‘Nyuku’ 04:29.
    Cassper Nyovest ‘Bentley Coupe’ 05:17.

  • MZWAKHE says:

    confused 5:12
    i wasnt ready for you 4:20
    destiny 6:38

  • Hamza Tijani says:

    I wasn’t ready for you-4:20
    Living Good-5:25

  • Tari Fafah says:

    Bentley coupe 5:18, Superman 5:35, we living good 5:25, Amen Hallelujah 4:10

  • Kamtochukwu says:

    My favorite four tracks are
    Touch the sky, 4:06mins
    Ngiyekeleni, 3:33mins
    Push through the pain, 4:48mins
    Amen Hallelujah, 4:10mins
    Total of all three is 15:97

  • Ugochukwu Nwachukwu says:

    Touch call, but if it absolutely had to come down to 4 then it’d be:

    I wasn’t ready for you-4:20 (this one’s an easy pick, on fire)
    Touch the sky-4:06 (I was sold from the intro vocals)
    Top floor (LifeWasNeverTheSame)-2:15 (lol I dunno, the dialogue just made me laugh)
    Amen hallelujah-4:10 (easy flow, my fav to play at night)


    I wasn’t ready for you-4:20
    Amen Hallelujah, 4:10mins
    Touch the sky-4:06
    Push through the pain, 4:48mins

  • Soliu M Saidu says:

    I love these four tracks the most;
    1.Baby girl—4:21 min
    2.Super Man—5:35 min
    3.Touch the sky—4:06 min
    4.Destiny—6:38 min

  • Segun says:

    1)Tito mboweni 4mins 1sec
    2)I wasn’t ready for you ft(tshego)4mins 26sec
    3)destiny ft(gaopele) 6mins 42sec
    4)Superman ft(tsepo tshola)5mins 46sec

  • Ayo says:

    these are my best

    1.Baby girl—4:21 min
    2.Super Man—5:35 min
    3.Touch the sky—4:06 min
    4.Destiny—6:38 min

  • babatope oladipupo onawumi says:


  • yungklizy says:

    Bentley coupe-5:19
    Ng’yekeleni ft black thought 3:33
    tito mboweni 4:09
    top shayela ft nadia nakai 4:43
    dis are my fav #thuto on a repeat

  • Emmanuel Gayus says:

    All the songs in this Casper nyovest album are great
    But my best are
    1. Destiny(featuring Goapele)-6minutes and 51 seconds
    2. Nyuku-4minutes and 36 seconds
    3. Baby girl-4minutes and 28 seconds
    4. Confused featuring Goapele-5minutes and 16 seconds.

  • Victor poet Obasi says:

    I’m poet from Nigeria, My favorite tracks are;

    Baby Girl – 4:20
    Bentley Coupe – 5:17
    Confused – 5:12
    We living good – 5:25

    All a total of 20mins

  • ayobami Adeniyi says:

    Confused 5:12
    baby girl 4:21
    destiny 6:38
    superman 5:35
    Total minutes 21:46

  • Agada Lucky says:

    Cassper Nyovest..War ready 5:45 minute
    Doc Shabeleza 3:49
    Mama I made it 3:23
    Tito Mboweni 4:01..
    I’m Lucky from Nigeria

  • Rose Egungwu says:

    Confused 5:12
    We Living Good 4:25
    Ng’yekeleni 3:33
    Amen Halleujah 4:10

  • Clement olusegun oluwole says:

    (1) Confused: 5:12minutes.
    (2) Amen. : 4:10minutes.
    (3) I wasn’t ready for you: 4:20minutes
    (4) Destiny : 6:38minutes.

  • owoicho sunday says:

    I love these four tracks the most;
    1.Baby girl—4:21 min
    2.Super Man—5:35 min
    3.Touch the sky—4:06 min
    4.Destiny—6:38 min

  • Dino says:

    My favorites of ‘thuto album’by Cassper Nyovest are;
    Amen Hallelujah-4:10 minutes
    I wasn’t ready for you-I liked 4:01 minutes
    Destiny-I like6:38 minutes
    Touch the sky-4:06 minutes

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