lil-kesh-and-ycee (1)

Lil Kesh Vs Ycee who Raps Better?

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lil-kesh-and-ycee (1)

The question might sounds so funny but to many people they think ycee delivers More Bars than Lil Kesh, while some others will say that lil Kesh is more versatile in words than ycee, but if we take a look at the various songs which lil kesh and Ycee appeared on we all will realize that both of them but killed it, but the question is who raps better?

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  1. I Love it, when you say this word… Skiboroboskibo Skiboroboskibo Yeba Oshe Baddest Jooor ooooooooooooooooo…. World Lil Kesh fire….. I fall for you, Boss…. But Ycee makes me laugh, i love that his song SU MI…. the truth is that (KESH FIRE) is the best… P.E.A.C.E… Kesh Fire…….

  2. #Mr_E Oluwaparol

    Ycee flows are deep and classical…he slipt the real #Rap (y). Buh Keshi isn’t bad too…just play around with words which gat his fans fall for it. “Its two diff ppl wt difference style of music”

  3. donc

    For me lil kesh is a boss he has the world and nos hw to bring it out …ycee in the oder hand is a new school jagaban rapper and he is good ……….so I think the both of them are awesome

  4. Joan

    Mr me yagi no contest ur the best buh ycee is good too though my vote goes to kesh skiborobo skibo skiborobo yeba oshe baddest joor

  5. Hanzy

    Ycee is really good……. He has a nice and classic flows, There r alot of rappers outside dre just like Ycee, bt for someone to be commercial like King Kesh🙌🙌🙌, no be beans. I think am going for Keshiiiiiiiii

  6. Well.. Lil Kesh knows how to entertain and make people get on their feet and throw some steps I’d give him that..but talking about BARS Ycee got em.. So Ycee raps better

  7. Dannie

    Mr. mi Yagi…mehhn yhu dey rap for africa..i go even pick yhu over kanye west…keep it up mehhn

    Ycee is damn good though but kesh is badder..

  8. pepe sneh ####@@john@@#####

    well as for me i never initially believe lil kesh but its obvious he has the potential you could see that also ycee seems like to be my khalifa in nija he rocks you guys are not comparable such as star boy and davido cos am a big fan of of star boy i canno place davido above him at the same time davido neva sleeps he the baddess of our time hkn nla ……. yagi you are good ….ycee also good leave it that way

  9. Rilcent

    Omo alhaji stunting. Jagaban and ain’t nobody badder than. U are best ycee, kesh too good cos he murdered ogene remix. Thanks. Ycee baba

  10. favour ahaneku

    Really u guys are both doing well buf d truth is most times lil kesh raps out of point buf then he really slays it wif d beat …butI really luv ycee’s vibe, his raps are superb nd he always makes sense….

  11. Na only you i see cos u go, way, harder than hard
    Way, harder than hard
    U go, way, madder than mad
    Way, madder than mad
    My best rapper, my own man, my gee, big bro @iam_ycee is my Nø1 Kesh dey follow up for back.

  12. Emmrock

    Both of them are good though,different people different style of rap. Lil kesh drop a dope rap but Ycee maintain his time to drop a dope bars with a dopest punch line….

  13. Klevr wizzy

    Mr mi yagi…… I fall for u….u 2 the kill beat…but sometimes u will rap out of line…you ar good in raping…omo alahaji….i think he raps better…he rap through the beat … Of you 9ice rapers but ycee i think he raps more than u panda cover kudos for u…nah

  14. John...B

    You all spoke well,But There is somthing we are not getting here….lil kesh is GooD in DANCE HULL,While YECC is GooD in Rap Song.So am here to say that Lil kesh is GooD in his Own part,and YCeE Best in his own Way…..Thank You ALL

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